Welcome to Ritte. We make bikes for unusual people. And we like unusual people: they're much more interesting than usual people, and so are the bikes they ride. So if you're here, chances are you're a little different too. Come on in and have a look around.

"The power transfer is ungodly. Stamp on the pedals—from a standstill, from 17 miles per hour, or from 30 mph—and the bike goes like a stabbed rat, visceral acceleration, in and out of the saddle."

- Peloton Magazine

Ace bit into the tarmac. It didn’t corner, it carved. We slingshotted out the other side, holding on to so much speed that the bend was behind us before I could think much more about it. But I like to believe that in a hard turn on some quiet country road in eastern Pennsylvania, visible to no one but me, my line is still there.

Bicycling Magazine