Satyr 2.0 Titanium

Bigger, badder, and smoother than ever - the new Satyr 2.0 in Titanium is proudly Made in the USA with design influence by the legendary Tom Kellogg himself.

Now with clearance for 700x50c or 650x2.2" tires and compatibility with all of your favorite 1x and 2x drivetrains the Satyr 2.0 is ready for any terrain you can throw at it.

The Satyr 2.0 Titanium frames are built to order in Portland, Oregon. These models are based off of our tried and tested off-road geometry with the option to customize to suit most fit needs. Stock or custom, the Satyr is your best woodland companion.


Satyr 2.0 Titanium framesets take 6-8 weeks to complete. Full builds are generally 8-10 weeks. We stock a wide range of SRAM AXS groupset options in both 1x and 2x to build you dream bike.


The Satyr was a mythical forest creature known to the Romans as a woodland God (and a bit of a party animal), and it’s also the newest Ritte. The embodiment of fun and rowdiness, the Satyr was a man built atop the legs of a goat. And climb like a goat the new Satyr does. It goes down smooth too, with geometry influenced by Tom Kellogg’s years of designing frames for championship winning racers mixed with his dirt riding prowess.

The original Satyr took cues from our Phantom all-road bike and turned the volume to 11. The new Satyr 2.0 is louder than loud, Spinal Tap wouldn't even know what to do with it. Massive 700x50c, or 650x2.2", clearances and a more off-road centric geometry make warp speed feel serene while turning chunder into tarmac. We're not saying it'll make you a shredder...who are we kidding, we're saying exactly that.

Backed by the frame design magic of a legendary custom builder, Tom Kellogg, the Satyr 2.0 hasn't lost its confidence and comfort while transiting between trail sections. A capable rig for rides big and small, rough or road.

Equipped with the new Enve Adventure fork for additional tire clearance and cargo capacity the Satyr will take you camping, single track shredding, dirt road rambling and everything in between. Compatible with both 1x and 2x drivetrains, we can build yours any way you see fit.

The T47 threaded bottom bracket conceals all the cables internally, a Ritte trademark. Meanwhile, the oversized downtube coupled with a custom swaged and tapered top tube provide unparalleled front end stability and precise turn in. 

The Satyr is the wild side of your drop bar stable, just begging you to turn every ride into a party. Egging you on - “slide into that corner,” “jump those roots,” “send it down that chute.” Is it a gravel bike? You could call it that. We just call it a bike for fun (and glory).

Tech Specs
      • Tom Kellogg design
      • Handmade in Portland, Oregon USA
      • Oversized titanium tubeset
      • Swaged and tapered top tube for stiffness, stability, and increased comfort
      • Ovalizing at all critical tube junctions for durability and a tuned ride
      • Enve Adventure fork 
      • Compatibility for 1x and 2x drivetrains (mechanical and electronic)
      • Dropper post compatibility 
      • T47 threaded bottom bracket
      • Full internal cable routing (including internal through the bottom bracket area)
      • Flat Mount Disc Brakes with clearance for 160mm rotors
      • Fender ready - mounting points front and rear
      • 3 bottle cage mounts
      • 700x50c tire clearance or 650b x 2.2"
      • Accepts 27.2mm Seatpost
      • 44mm Headtube for ZS44/28.6 Upper and EC44/40 Lower

The frameset includes frame, fork, seat collar, thru-axles, and all guides/plugs/grommets etc for your choice of build.

Standard finish is brushed with etched logos, as shown. Optional upgrades include custom paint, bead blasting, and more. 

Complete builds handled on a bespoke basis - contact us to customize. Starting around $6,950 well equipped with Rival AXS Electronic and HED Wheels


Size ST Head Tube Head Angle Top Tube Seat Angle Stack Reach Wheelbase BB Drop RC F Center Fork rake
XS 490 95 71 525 74 539 369 1002 80 435 581 55
S 510 105 71.5 540 73.5 550 378 1009 80 435 587 55
M 520 120 71.5 555 73.5 562 388 1025 78 435 603 55
L 540 135 72
565 73 579 388 1023 78 435 600 55
XL 550 150 72 578 72.5 591 392 1028 74 435 604 49
XXL 560 165 72.5 590 72.5 606 401 1042 74 435 618 49
Frame Size Height Range*
XS 5’0” - 5’4” (152 - 162CM)
S 5’3” - 5’8” (160 - 172CM)
M 5’6” - 5’10” (168 - 178CM)
L 5’9” - 6’2” (175 - 188CM)
XL 6’0” - 6’4” (183 - 193CM)
XXL 6’3”+ (190CM+)

*This is a rough guide, and we recognize that everyone is different. If you have any concern about fit or sizing please email us at and we would be glad to make sure you get the best fitting bike possible.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Roger M
Fast, light, strong!

Did I forget to say beautiful and forgiving? This is the bike for your Saturday road group rides and your Sunday gravel ride! With this bike I have done fast road group rides thanks to its blazing road geometry and have done some questionable trails confidently with its monster tire clearance. With all its mounts, you can easily throw a front rack to carry your adult beverages or your camp gear! The best part is that its TI, and you will notice that when you are riding down a rock garden because it feels a lot smoother and controllable than a carbon frame bike for example. With [****]'s expert knowledge, you will get dialed in and LOVE IT.

Jerry Skurla
Ritte + Elijah + Tom Kellogg = More years of riding joy!

When it was time in 2021 for a Ti gravel/all road bike there was one huge problem - Tom Kellogg had retired. In 1977 he built my college racing bike (Reynolds 531 SL and Campy) and my "turning 40" road bike in 1999 (double butted Ti and Dura Ace). Both fit perfectly, handled precisely, and rode wonderfully, with each giving me 20+ years of riding joy. What to do?

Fortunately I read about Ritte's collaboration with TK on their new all road and gravel frames and made contact with Elijah in CA. He is very knowledgable and an excellent listener, who really took the time to understand my "musts and shoulds" for a custom frame. Ritte was the only Ti frame builder that would incorporate the tapered head tube with integrated headset that I wanted, and Elijah's solution for the down tube brake hose port I needed was both elegant and reliable.

My Ti Satyr first took the road on May 6, 2022 and now has over 1,000 miles on her road slicks and gravel tires. I built up the bike myself, and saw first hand the craftsmanship and quality of the brushed Ti frame and Adventure fork - flawless welds, precise alignment, and careful execution.

Whether riding solo, with a fast group, on a 7 day tour or bike packing off the grid, she has that wonderful fit, handling, and ride that made my two previous TK bikes so special. AND now I feel this magic on the wide variety of unpaved roads that I'm exploring, so my "riding joy" can continue for another 20 years.

Such a good bike

I've had my Satyr Ti for about 6 months now and wow. It's so good. Whether you're loaded up with camping gear and mtb tires or flying down a canyon at 45mph on fat slicks this bike is smooth. I've taken it on a few bikepacking trips now and it's stable enough fully loaded to ride no hands. I have a two wheelset setup, generally I'm riding a 700x35 enve AR wheelset for daily riding and light gravel. It's more or less eliminated my need of a road bike. To narrow the underbiking gap off road I have a second wheelset with massive 650bx55 tires which I've used to ride this bike like a complete idiot. For those that know LA area mountain biking I went down El Prieto on this and cleared the rock garden no problem. Is it a mountain bike? No, but fuck you yes it is!
The finish and quality of every weld is absolutely spot on as well. Not a single defect or negative I can point to. I highly recommend going with an AXS build if you can swing it, flawless shifting and helps keep the bike looking minimal and clean.
My point of contact was Elijah as well, good guy, will go out of his way to make sure you get the configuration that fits your needs and budget. It's also nice to have something a little less common than Moots, Firefly, etc...

Enough talk, going to go ride. Get one.

matt pappajohn
Half Man, Half Horse

I came across the Satyr Ti quite by accident. I told a bike friend on a mixed surface ride that I was going to get a Giant Defy as an all around, go anywhere bike. He told me about the Ritte Satyr Ti and described it as being exactly what I was looking for from my next bike.
The fact that it was designed by Tom Kellogg was a bonus, as I had long wanted to own a Kellogg frame. I reached out to Ritte and started the conversation. My contact was Elijah- after a few short calls, I reserved, and put a deposit down on, a frame. Elijah helped me design the build based on my biking profile and needs. The standard of care was exceptional. I ended up with a bike that feels like an extension of me. When I am on gravel, asphalt, or even single track with my alternate 650 wheel set, I feel at one with the bike and the road. The bike is the rare combination of responsive and absorptive- it has both giddy up and all day comfort- a mythical creature indeed.

The Quiver Killer, the N=1, you name it, the Satyr does it

I’ve got other bikes, and frankly this one makes the rest of em jealous. The geo is somewhere between endurance road and all day relaxed - nice and responsive, but let’s you focus on the sights. Tire clearance let’s you run some silly mtb tires for that crazy gravel influencer event, and with a wheel swap lets you keep up with your roadie friends too. Last but not least are the frame materials and construction. Made in USA titanium has got to be the crème de la crème, the swaged tubing providing a confidence inspiring stiffness while humming resonantly along with the buzz in the road. This one really is a complete package folks, step right up to the last gravel bike you’ll ever buy.