Race Bib Shorts

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Pro Peloton Quality - Privateer Pricing


While many choose to simply change the colors each season, we try to constantly refine. Our V1.0 Race Bib Shorts are something we're super proud of, and V2.0 is even better.

  • We've changed to a softer strap with more stretch and more flex - they sit flatter over the shoulders with a close yet natural fit.
  • The seamless, printed on leg grippers now have a wider spaced pattern that works better for shaved and unshaved legs.
  • The Elastic Interface chamois is now comprised of more recycled materials - the same comfort and performance in a more eco-friendly package.


At Ritte, we've been riding in bibs for a long time. One time, one of us even wore them for too long - don't do that, it doesn't end well. We've been lucky enough to have a lot of great partners making our bibs over the years, but we knew we needed something truly our own. We set out to design a bib that had everything we wanted and manufacture it ourselves.

It had to be supportive when hammering on fast rides, comfortable pedaling during long days in the saddle, and fashionable at the coffee stop. It had to be the pro quality bibs we loved, delivered at a price tag that didn't induce nervous ticks.


After bringing on an athletic apparel expert we began prototyping - from cutting fabrics to testing chamois pads. You've got that one pair of magic bibs where the chamois is always comfortable, right? Chances are high that Elastic Interface are the geniuses behind it (or under it, really), and they've worked up a quick drying, multi density chamois that we built our bibs around. 

But it's not just the chamois that matters, it's the whole package. We tirelessly sourced the rest of the fabrics, and built them into a package we can offer directly without huge markups.


We chose Italian milled fabrics for the shorts that allow us to construct the legs with just one seam. Not a typo, there is only one seam and one panel on each leg. Even the gripper is fully integrated, being printed directly into the leg rather than sewn in. These shorts disappear when pedaling, while the compression fabric works silently to keep blood flowing so your legs stay fresh.

The upper features our fully integrated, seamless straps - they're fully ventilated, each made size specific and have no stitching over the shoulders. These straps are attached to a highly wicking mesh on the lower back to keep you cool.

Oh, and because we care about you, we made the leg logos reflective. Using an offset print, they won't peel off or wear out. They're subtle, almost disappearing during the day - yet they light up like strobes as the sun sets. Making the Ritte Race Bibs the perfect companion for all your adventures, all day and all night.

  • High Compression leg fabric to increase circulation, maintain freshness
  • Multi-Density, quick drying, Italian chamois
  • Single seam leg construction for a perfect fit
  • Printed in grippers keep the shorts in place
  • Seamless, highly ventilated straps
  • Reflective logo print

A note on fit - these are a "race" fit bib. They're designed to be compressive, and because of that there should be no loose fabric anywhere, some might call them tight. This fit allows them to mold to your body in a way other bibs cannot, give them a few minutes to settle in. Model is 5'10" and 165lbs with a 32" waist, wearing a size Medium.

Size: S
Color: Black

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