Why Ritte?

With a thousand other bike brands out there, why in the world would someone choose Ritte?!?

The easy answer is choose Ritte because you passionately feel you can't go on without one in your life. Choose Ritte because looking at our bikes makes you feel funny, makes you weak in the knees and filled with longing for an inanimate object. Choose Ritte because you want to ride something different, something that sets you apart from the pack, something that says you're an individual.

Okay, so basing a major purchase on a purely emotional reaction isn't exactly prudent, which is why our bikes aren't just pretty. Every frame in our lineup compete at the top of their category in terms of engineering, materials, build quality and performance. The same goes for our carbon, stainless steel and alloy creations. And if you ever have any issues with the frame you've bought, we will do everything we can to make you happy as quickly as possible.

We have a complex relationship with our bikes and most of our customers do too.  Our bikes are born from equal parts passion and logic: to us they're both art and utility, the highest personal expression and simple brutish tools.

Ultimately, we design the bikes we want to ride, and hope you want to ride them too.