To start a warranty claim please contact us

All Ritte bicycles frames are warrantied against manufacturing defects for the reasonable lifetime of the product, for the original owner. We are confident in our products and we stand behind them. For carbon fiber, steel, and titanium bicycle frames the notion of “reasonable lifetime of the product” is considered to be a minimum of 10 years when used within their design limits.


  • To make a warranty claim, you must be the original owner with proof of purchase.
  • The warranty covers repair or replacement of products with manufacturing defects with the most similar, currently available product at Ritte’s discretion.
  • Return shipping to Ritte, if applicable, is the responsibility of the claimant. Ritte will cover shipping costs of the replacement product.
  • The warranty does not cover:
    • Wear and tear
    • Purposeful damage
    • Damage from crashes, automobile transport, or usage outside of that intended for the product

Some examples:

  • Your bottom bracket cups are out of tolerance and creak - this is covered. You send the frame to us for assessment and we will repair (or replace, if required) the frame and return it to you.
  • You find that your carbon fiber frame has a delamination on the underside of the top tube, there has been no impact damage - this is covered. Following assessment, we will replace the frame.
  • You forgot that your bike was on a rack on top of your car and drove into a parking garage, destroying the bike. This is not covered (well, maybe by crash replacement if it’s a truly good story)
  • You took your road bike to an EWS Stage Race and attempted to podium - it breaks while hucking a road gap. This is not covered (unless you’ve got really rowdy video evidence of your send - in which case, you could be eligible for crash replacement)
  • Your paint is damaged as the result of a frame bag, chain slap, etc - this is not covered.

Crashes and accidents are covered by Ritte’s crash replacement policy - similarly simple, this policy is 50% off MSRP of the most similar, currently available product. This policy does not cover products that are purposefully damaged or damaged from the result of automobile transport, or usage outside of that intended for the product.

Crash replacement eligibility is for the reasonable lifetime of the product for first owners and 5 years from original date of sale for all others.