The 2023 Bicycles of the Year

Each year we like to select a few standout bike builds that we had the pleasure of bringing to life. This year, we’ve got a good mix of bikes, outfitted with flat and droopy bars, running rubber across the size spectrum, and made of titanium and carbon. Let’s get to it!

Will's Pink Esprit

Memphis - voted America's worst city for cycling. Perhaps the California equivalent of "LA sucks for cycling." 

We were lucky enough to spend some time in Memphis, riding with the Latting Speed Shop crew, as Will took his pink Esprit on its maiden voyage. Turns out Memphis is actually a pretty nice place to ride with pleasant country roads, rolling hills, and a wonderful community of devoted cyclists.

Not only did Will paint and build this bike himself, but he's also built an incredible bike shop that dials up the style in Western Tennessee.
We're glad to be a small part of that, as canvas for Latting's unique style.

Build highlights include wheels from Princeton Carbonworks, a SRAM Red AXS group, and some ceramic bling from Kogel to round it out.

Occulto - Hidden in Plain Sight

The Occulto is our take on what modern titanium road bikes can be—blending classic metal bike lines with organic shaping, high performance and modern standards. The Occulto utilizes titanium 3D printing to create a natural, hidden cable front end with our tried and true road geometry. All the technology, features, and customization are hidden in plain sight.

This bike was built for Lance, an LA native with no shortage of gorgeous rides - though we made sure to make this one stand out in a pine green Cerakote finish that's subtle, with just a hint of eye catching shimmer.

This build is complete with Dura Ace Di2, Enve SES 3.4 Wheels, and an eeWings Ti crank. We're proud to showcase the unmistakable Sufferings chainrings from Ogle Component Design, their maker also being integral to the 3d design of the printed parts on this bike.

JB's Tasteful Esprit

A local build for JB's 60th. After a decade aboard a black Vlaanderen, JB was ready for something new. Carbon wheels, electronic shifting, disc brakes, and tubeless tires - yet somehow immediately familiar as a Ritte. 

This bike is built with Ultegra Di2, OTHR Anywhr 40 carbon wheels, and a custom pearl white paint job from Dark Matter Finishing.

Mechanical Masterpiece - Zach's Satyr Steel

There is something so satisfying about simplicity. A bike you can hop on and ride, no charging or fiddling required. That's what Zach's Ekar equipped Satyr does so well.

The classic Campagnolo feel distilled down into a 1x drivetrain for all sorts of mixed surface fun. Equipped with one of the first sets of our own OTHR wheels, this Satyr is set up for versatility. The Zipp cockpit and small details like Chris King headset ensure it'll be a reliable ride for the long haul.

This Satyr joins a Bosberg road bike in Zach's stable - the steel smoothness is a great match for Boston roads, trails, and winter commuting. This is a rig we'd pick 8 days a week.

Adam's 90s Ripper

The 90s are alive in Colorado. And we're stoked on it. 

This build took shape over a few months as we kept refining and revising the component spec - adding up all of those little dream build parts in a sea of tonal blues and purples.

Adam's SaTir build spends countless miles on the dirt and gravel roads of Pueblo, Colorado. Adam is a trail builder, route planner, dirt road extraordinaire, and the founder of Grassroots Gravel.

No stone was left unturned here - from the Chris King Headset and Bottom Bracket to the color-matched AARN chainring and Firefly seat collar, in-house handbuilt wheels, custom titanium post from Blacksheep for a little more Colorado flair, and anodized to match logos. Are we missing anything? Probably - so you'll just have to take a trip to Adam's event this fall to see the bike for yourself.

Dave's Fun Bar SaTir

"Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?" If yes, the answer is tearing up the local dirt roads in comfort.

Dave came to us looking for a gravel bike that didn't bother his back and neck. He was riding an older, rigid MTB mostly on dirt roads and light trails. He'd ridden a friend's dropbar bike and loved the speed it carried, but he didn't love the way it felt after a bit of time in the saddle.

We customized a SaTir with Dave to replace his trusty Gary Fisher - safe to say this one is a little quicker than the old 26" wheeled ride!

Built with Eagle 12sp, handbuilt HiFi wheels, a Redshift stem, and a classy flat bar from our friends at Hudski bikes - this SaTir is fast, reliable, and comfortable.

No Cables, No Problem

The haters will say it's photoshop. "Where'd the cables go?" they'll ask. But with a little help from the fine folks at Ritte, Chris King, and Enve those pesky cables shall be seen no more! (End Ad)

This SaTir for John takes everything that makes our SaTir so fun to ride and dials up the modern style points with hidden cabling. The custom Enve integrated 1 piece bar/stem and seatpost are paint-matched to the rest of the frame by Dark Matter Finishing. The subtle fade paint job is tied together with matte midnight and matte black Chris King components. 

Cheers to 2024!

Thank you all for a fun 2023. We love being able to build these bikes for you, we would choose to feature every build here if we could. From mild to wild, we very much enjoy working with you to build the right bike for your riding.

We've got a lot of exciting things planned for 2024 and a lot of cool builds already in the queue. Looking forward to featuring some more of these next year already!