Esprit Level Two - Force / Ultegra

Sale price$ 6,595.00

Frame Weight: Under 850g (size Medium)

Best For: Fast Road Rides, Climbing, Long Distance Comfort, and Sprinting

Ride Feel
Soft & Comfortable Stiff & Aggressive
Best For
Climbing Happy Medium Sprinting


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John S.

It's 103% better than what you think it will be.

"This unicorn is pretty damn kick-ass. It's planted. It goes were you want to go. Fast. Slow. Whatever you feel like. It listens. It nods. It sets you up for a dialogue with your capabilities, not your limits. It's confidence-inspiring. You can do this. It's 103% better than what you think it will be."


You're gonna freak out at how great this bike is.

"Life is too short to ride lame bikes. The Esprit is everything you want and need in a road bike. The frame is light and stiff and foxy looking while still being comfortable as all get out. And foxy looking. I love Ritte's approach to a complete bike..."

William S.

Just buy the f**kin thing

I was scared at first to buy this bike if I’m being honest. I’m a heavy rider and look for more “comfortable geometries” typically but this seemed to look like it had flexibility. Well it does. And it’s fast and also comfortable. Did I mention it’s fast? Like holy shit. I’m PRing segments left and right. This bike honestly ticks all the boxes for me. My wife and job will have to pry me off of it because it’s like the first time a fell in love with riding every time I ride it.



I've owned a Ritte in one form or another since 2010. This one is undoubtedly the best one I've ridden. It's confusing at first to ride a bike that's so comfortable yet so stiff and fast feeling when you put power down out of saddle. This is the new normal, or it should be.

Ted R.

Fantastic Ride and Incredible Service

The Espirit's performance on the road is matches its hype! The entire Ritte Team made the buying experience exceptional, customizing the bike to my specific needs, and insuring my total satisfaction.

Finn k.

Agree with the 5 Star Reviews!

Quiver diminisher-check. Real world aero-check. Race bike handling (up and down) AND all-day comfort- check. When I finish a fast, 75 mile, 6K Saturday ride I feel like going again, well...almost. Very happy with this bike, great balance and feel. I like too that they went for a little "ugly" on the nude carbon frames, not afraid to show the art of the layup, the matte edges that hint at what's underneath to generate the magical performance of this bike. Fun and Glory indeed! Good job Ritte!


“The Esprit changed my perceptions of what I want and expect in a road bicycle for 2024—and probably for the next several years. I think about the Esprit almost every time I pedal a different bike on the road. So many of the things that annoy me about other road bikes, Ritte gets right with the Esprit.”...“Now it’s time for others to hear about and appreciate the Esprit. But don’t just hum along to this tune, scream about it at the top of your lungs like no one is listening and dance to it like no one is watching. Race bike fit and geometry with endurance bike comfort and versatility is the soundtrack to the summer of 2024. Throw in service and attention to detail unmatched by almost any other mid- or large-sized bike brand and Ritte has a smash hit.”

— Tara Seplavy

I’ll be honest: there’s a heck of a lot to like about this thing.As you might guess given the frame’s proportions, the Esprit is plenty efficient in terms of how well it turns pedaling efforts into speed. It squirts forward with little delay when you apply the power, and there’s a general eagerness to how it responds to either pedaling or steering inputs.  Climbing on the Esprit is quite enjoyable as a result – particularly when out of the saddle – as is sprinting. More surprising, however, is the overall comfort level. Even as compared to other bikes I’ve ridden with similar tire-and-wheel setups, the Esprit positively glides over ugly tarmac, smoothing over small imperfections as if it was one of those asphalt trucks laying down a fresh layer of tar. It effectively damps smaller vibrations, but still has enough flex in reserve to take the sting out of bigger impacts, too. 

— James Huang


We built the Esprit to be light where it counts - quick on its feet, efficient on climbs. Yet stiff where it matters - sudden sprints, precise and unshakeable handling.The Esprit frame weighs in under 850g in a size Medium. It’s light, of course - but more importantly it’s confidence inspiring, dependable, and has a smooth ride that’s all too rare in fast road bikes.

  • Optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • Stable and agile geometry
  • Hi-modulus carbon where it counts


Every frame size gets its own distinct geometry and construction. With details like variable fork offsets, chainstay lengths, and bottom bracket drop per size. We’ve made sure that regardless of which size fits you best, the Esprit’s confident and composed handling is consistent for you.

  • Tom Kellogg designed rider-first geometry
  • No compromises in handling across sizes
  • Variable fork offsets