OTHR Wheels - The Overview

OTHR Wheels - The Overview

Who the OTHR 40mm wheelsets are for, what separates them from each other, and how to choose the best wheel for you.

Rim Profiles:

First things first, the OTHR Anywhr 40 and Evrywhr 40 share the same rim profile - so lets focus on what these wheels are. This 40mm depth wheel is our do-it-all shape. They’ve got reasonable aero benefits with 28-30mm tires but they don’t get blown around in the wind. They’re stiff enough to spin up quickly, but they don’t have a harsh ride like many super-aero wheels.

The 24mm inner width and 32mm outer width give tires an excellent profile for confident cornering on road or off road. They fit tires from 28mm to 50mm and are an excellent choice for road or gravel bikes.

The rims are tubeless specific and feature a miniature hook for best-in-class bead retention. The mini-hook design takes all of the positives of a hookless rim design (tire profile, impact resistance, light weight) and alleviates the concerns of blow offs that worry many riders when it comes to tubeless. It’s a common sense approach that increases safety - one we’ll talk more about in a separate tech article.

Both the Anywhr and the Evrywhr are disc brake only, have the same excellent lifetime warranty, and are compatible with all current 11sp and newer road / gravel drivetrains and all current thru axle road and gravel bikes.

So how do they differ?







Sapim CX-Ray (bladed for aero benefits)

Pillar triple butted, round (for durability)


395g each (Toray medium & high modulus carbon fiber)

430g each. Prioritizes impact resistance & smooth ride


Super light road bikes, climbers, mixed terrain

Road and gravel bikes, durability and smooth ride





Anywhr 40

The Anywhr 40 is our flagship 40mm wheel - it weighs in at just 1,360g, rivaling many climbing wheels. The Anywhr is laced using Sapim CX-Ray spokes for stiffness, weight savings, and aero benefits. 

The Anywhr 40’s weight savings come from a combination of spokes and rim layup. The super-light rims (just 395g each) are built from a blend of Toray medium and high modulus carbon fiber. This is the wheel for a super light road bike, for a climber, or for someone looking for a wheelset to tackle mixed terrain and dirt roads.

Evrywhr 40

The Evrywhr 40 is the burlier sibling of the Anywhr 40. We wanted a wheel that not only came in at a more affordable price point but one that could take even more abuse.

The Evrywhr 40 trades out the bladed spokes for Pillar triple butted, round spokes. It’s using a rim layup that prioritizes impact resistance and an even smoother ride over gram-shedding. The result is a wheelset that comes in at 1,480g and just $1,350. 

The Evrywhr 40 is a great pick for a road bike but it really excels in the dirt where it’s durability and smooth ride quality shine.

Why two wheelsets?

We wanted to offer the same versatile shape at two different price points with slightly different target use cases. We felt that there was room to offer excellent, hand-built wheels across a broad spectrum. While these are the first two offerings from OTHR, there is more in store for the future

If you’re curious about more in depth tech and product details, let us know. We want to put together the content that you want to read.

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