Cyclocross is a strange and wonderful endeavor:

it's hard enough to require 100% commitment, yet silly enough to encourage racing in a costume. Cross bike design is also a bit strange and wonderful, and every manufacturer takes a different approach to design. Some bikes are better in mud, others better in the grass. Some are nimble and balanced, others sacrifice  stability for pedal clearance. Ultimately, every cross bike has its own personality and choosing one can be a pretty personal thing.

The Crossberg Disc from Ritte is a Gucci aluminum racing machine that is made for the working man cross racer that wants a high performance race machine that won’t break the bank and put himself into more debt than he already has. The Crossberg Disc excels in every situation and with the right group can hold it’s own with all of the other Uber cross bikes on the market.

—Cross Bike Review


For several years now, we've been working on refining a geometry for the broadest spectrum of riders. We wanted to design a frame is balanced and agile without being extreme in any direction. The Crossberg is a relatively short frame, with 425mm chainstays and a tighter than average front-center. The bottom bracket is low enough to feel balanced but high enough for pedal clearance in most scenarios. We've enlisted the help of professional cross racers of various heights for insight into the best combination of balance and agility through the whole size range.

We also wanted the Crossberg to be a sturdy, knock-down, drag-out race machine that can handle the extreme beating cross racing and trail riding can dish out on a bike. We chose 7005 series aluminum for excellent stiffness to weight, damage resistance and overall value. The Crossberg uses a tapered, 1-1/8" to 1-1/2" head tube for less deflection under heavy braking, PressFit30 bottom bracket shell for adaptability to multiple crank systems and disc brakes for all-weather modulation and stopping power.

 AVAILABILITY:  Seasonal.  


Frame: 7005 Series Aluminum, disc only, 135mm rear axle spacing.

Fork: Ritte Full Carbon Disc for use with 160mm rotor

Head Tube: Tapered 1 -1/8" top - 1 -1/2" bottom (Headset included.)

Bottom Bracket: Press Fit 30

Routing: External. For mechanical shifting and mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes.

Brake Rotors: 160mm front / 140mm rear

Seat Post: 27.2mm (not included)

Derailleur hanger: WheelsMFG #49