Humidity - Product Testing, Dirt Roads, and Mai Tai's

Humidity - Product Testing, Dirt Roads, and Mai Tai's

I could start this story by giving you an inspirational quote about hard work always paying off, or a braggadocious anecdote about experience netting results. The truth is, sometimes you don't know for certain until you've seen it or done it yourself. 

A seemingly simple garment, the cycling jersey. At best you forget about it as you go out, have fun, and spin the wheels. At worst, it ruins your day with constant discomfort, bunching, sagging, while suffocating you in sweat. The design might give you memories or set a mood when you put it on in the morning, but that complete and total disappearance is what I'm aiming for. I want it to move with me, keep the pockets secured to my back, breathe easily and keep me cool.

After months of revision and testing across Southern California's exposed mountain ranges and Marin's constantly changing microclimates we'd tried it all - almost. Deep summer, New England humidity is the last remaining test. An 8 hour day on the bike traversing dense, damp forests over rocks and roots, through dried stream beds and across long since forgotten double tracks. 

I hadn't really told anyone, but the nerves that August morning were ever present deep down in that nagging way that just begs you to ask for reassurance. It was like that first date feeling - but my date was with the weather. With that we kitted up, and headed out. 


All of our past lessons learned in garments were applied, we stayed cool and dry. The nerves were for nothing, it was like being on that date with an old friend. We forgot about our jerseys, they just worked, and spent our time enjoying the ride. The roads, the banter, the bikes - the important things came to the forefront. Don't just take my word for it though, try out a Ritte Race Jersey and show us what adventures you get into!

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