Fun and Glory Hoodie - A Fashion First

Fun and Glory Hoodie - A Fashion First

BREAKING: Ritte’s zipper innovations achieve a global fashion first. Available now.

As all true Californians know, being cold is simply not an option. And the standard zipper hoodie just isn’t enough. It needed to be faster. Too slow to zip and a Californian could be mildly chilled.

After mere minutes in the laboratory (that’s what we’re calling our workshop now that we are fashion scientists) we found the solution. Lubricate every zipper by hand for maximum performance and longevity. Not too much, not too little - just enough to truly make this zipper zip. Our independent testing shows that this technique definitely maybe makes a difference.

Each hoodie will come with a numbered and signed certificate to prove authenticity.

Get yours on the webshop while they last: The Fun and Glory Hoodie


A premium embroidered logo on the front, left chest.


A lightweight, eco-friendly screen print on the back.


A comfortable, classic fit that works well for everything from a cruise to the cafe to lounging at home.


The numbered and signed certificate of lubrication that is included with every genuine Ritte Fun and Glory Hoodie.

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