57cm and 52cm Stainless Snob Framesets for Custom Paintwork

We have several Stainless Snob framesets made from KVA MS3 tubing that are available for custom painting. These framesets are beautifully made with TIG welding on main tubes and brazing in smaller junctions. This is the stiffest steel frameset we have ever made and it is Spencer's favorite of our road frames. 

These frames had paint blemishes so have been stripped back to the raw stainless. They can be finished with basic decals or fully custom painted. Additional decal/painting costs between $50 - $800 USD.

Frames come with full-carbon tapered Ritte fork that will be finished to match. 

If you're interested in one of these frames, please order here or contact us.

Available sizes:

Snob 57cm


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