The Satyr Steel V2

The road hasn’t always been paved. In fact, there haven’t always been roads. Or paths. Or tracts. Or trails. Somewhere along the way we became less rugged, more fearful of the woods and the desert. We became serious and conservative, riding for structured training rather than fun. It’s time to balance it all out - the racing, the training, the wooded adventures.

The Satyr was a mythical forest creature known to the Romans as a woodland spirit (and a bit of a party animal), and it’s also the newest Ritte. The embodiment of fun and rowdiness, the Satyr was a man built atop the legs of a goat. And climb like a goat the new Satyr does. It goes down smooth too, with geometry influenced by Tom Kellogg’s years of designing frames for championship winning racers mixed with his dirt riding prowess.

The Satyr V2 truly dials it up to 11. But you’d expect nothing less, this thing’s got horns! The Satyr clears up to a 700c x 50mm or a 650b x 2.2" tire to tackle tough terrain, but it turns in with an eagerness many road bikes can’t match.

From the dirt roads of the Berkshires to the back country trails of the Sierra Nevadas, the Satyr has been in testing all year proving it’s capabilities. It’s the bike that truly can ride right out the front door - road to trail it gallops along happily, easily earning it’s name.

The Satyr is the wild side of your drop bar stable, just begging you to turn every ride into a party. Egging you on - “slide into that corner,” “jump those roots,” “send it down that chute.” Is it a gravel bike? You could call it that. We just call it a bike for fun (and glory).

Full Details

In addition to it's generation tire clearances, the Satyr V2 follows in its predecessor's footsteps with a threaded T47 bottom bracket and internal cable routing, to keep your cables protected through the harshest conditions. Flat mount disc brakes with thru axles front and rear keep you in control. The Enve Adventure fork up front provides direct, confident steering input and extra cargo mounting options for longer adventures. Utilizing the differing rakes of the flip chip to suit each frame size and tire combination perfectly, the Satyr V2 is more versatile than ever.

The Satyr’s custom blend steel tubeset is stiff where you need it, but tames the trail chatter in a manner that only steel can accomplish. Featuring wall thicknesses, diameters, and butting profiles specially blended by Mr. Tom Kellogg just for us (and you).

You'll be glad to hear that the Satyr V2 is the most feature packed yet - with compatibility for more drivetrains and tire / wheel sizes than ever before. 700c or 650b, 1x or 2x, mechanical or electronic, 11sp or 12sp or even 13sp - the choice is yours! 

And to finish it off, the V2 now has multiple paint options - Woodland Green and RTP. RTP, or "ready to paint" is a simple coating that's ready to be turned into your dream scheme via our custom paint program or your favorite local painter. Our Woodland Green scheme has been updated for V2 with a darker, gunmetal silver accent and a richer desert tan that blend more more naturally with the deep green. The Woodland Green is finished with our deepest, glossiest clearcoat ever.


Tech Specs
  • Tom Kellogg design
  • Ritte custom blend, lightweight, multi-butted steel tubing
  • Differing tube diameters & tube wall thicknesses selected for each frame size to deliver tuned ride characteristics across the full range
  • Enve Adventure forks
  • Differing fork rakes selected for each frame size to deliver tuned handling characteristics across all sizes
  • T47 threaded bottom bracket
  • Full internal cable routing (including internal through the bottom bracket area)
  • Flat Mount Disc Brakes with clearance for 160mm rotors
  • Fender ready - mounting points front and rear
  • 3 bottle cage mounts
  • Up to 700c x 50mm or 650b x 2.2" tire clearance
  • 27.2mm Seatpost
  • IS42/52 Headset for 1 1/8" (28.6mm) upper and 1.5 (40mm) lower

The frameset includes frame, fork, seat collar, thru-axles, and all guides/plugs/grommets etc for any type of build (electronic or mechanical).


Build Specs

All Satyr V2 models are built to order - this gives us the flexibility to fit and tailor your bike to you and your riding. We start by working with you on your fit and then understanding where and how you ride - we'll tailor a package that has the right gearing, tires, crank lengths, saddle, and bar/stem sizes for your goals.

Complete builds start at $4,950 and we stock a wide range of components, including the below (and more):

  • SRAM Rival AXS, Force AXS, Red AXS 2x
  • SRAM Rival, Force, or Red 1x XPLR and Eagle Mullet
  • Campagnolo Ekar 13sp
  • SRAM Force 1 Mechanical
  • SRAM Force / Ratio Eagle Mechanical
  • Alloy wheels from HED and HiFi
  • Carbon wheels from Enve, HED, HiFi, Campagnolo, and others
  • Cockpits from FSA, ZIPP, Enve, Ritchey, and more
  • Choice of tires from WTB, Ultradynamico, Schwalbe, Panaracer, and others
Size ST Head Tube Head Angle Top Tube Seat Angle Stack Reach Wheelbase BB Drop RC F Center Fork rake
XS 491 95 71
525 74 530 372 1011 80 435 589 55
S 512 115 71.5 540 73.5 547 376 1018 80 435 596 55
M 523 130 71.5 555 73.5 559 388 1035 78 435 612 55
L 539 145 72 565 73 577 388 1029 78 435 606 49
XL 551 160 72 578 72.5 588 392 1039 74 435 615 49
XXL 564 175 72.5 592 72.5 604 401 1049 74 435 624 49
Frame Size Height Range*
XS 5’0” - 5’4” (152 - 162CM)
S 5’3” - 5’8” (160 - 172CM)
M 5’6” - 5’10” (168 - 178CM)
L 5’9” - 6’2” (175 - 188CM)
XL 6’0” - 6’4” (183 - 193CM)
XXL 6’3”+ (190CM+)

*This is a rough guide, and we recognize that everyone is different. If you have any concern about fit or sizing please email us at and we would be glad to make sure you get the best fitting bike possible. 

When you reach out for sizing advice, check out our guide on how we start remote fits, the more info you can send us the better! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
This Bike Really Planes

I have had many bikes. Many old steel ones that were refurbished or restored and on which I rode many happy miles. Then came cyclocross, and my first brand new carbon bike. Perfect for the cold, fall cyclocross season and then some. It slowly became my gravel bike, switching from a set of 700c wheels and tires to larger volume 650B tires for comfort, especially for anything sandy or even rock gardens. I wanted to get back to steel. I was looking back because of that balance of stiffness and compliance that I had only really experienced on a steel bike.

Then a friend dropped by our shop with a brand new Ritte Phanthom. Wow! I was looking for balance, but also wanted a new frame that would be fully capable on gravel rides, even on the tough and gnarly stuff, and with enough road DNA for spirited early weekday morning rides on tarmac. So I veered to the V2 Satyr (which comes in British Racing Green = racy, classy, and fast).

I could have just pressed the Buy Now button, but I decided to give them a shout to make sure it was really the right bike for me. With Ritte, customer service is not just a memo on the wall. I submitted info from the bike I was riding, some basic easy-to-make measurements, and got some comparative CAD drawings so I could visualize my actual bike compared to the Satyr. Prompt response every time I had a question. I pressed Buy Now and the bike frame arrived well packaged and without a flaw. Thin tubes. Beautiful welds. Fantastic paint. I was so excited to ride it I started to build right away.

I wanted it for the local Big Red Gravel Run. They say never race with a brand new bike, but I did, and I loved it! I’ve only ridden around 400km since then, but it’s everything I imagined it would be : stiff around the reinforced bottom bracket for that push forward yet so comfortable on all road conditions, from aged tarmac to washboard gravel. It feels like an extension of the body as opposed to a part that has to be dragged or carried. It’s also precise in long and fast descents, letting me go faster before thinking about hitting the brake. I think Ritte has hit the nail on the head with this model.

I’ve been a fan of Jan Heine’s work for the past 20 years. This is the first time I can relate to his concept of planing. This bike really planes.

New World Cycling

From day one RITTE has been incredible, best customer service experience I have ever had in my 45 years of cycling and purchasing dozens of bikes during those years. The Satyr is incredible, so excited to be back on a steel bike after all these years.

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