Ritte Women at the Rapha Prestige. / by Lanolin

Of the many things that Rapha does quite, er, epically, is organize several invite-only unsanctioned races for men and women. The races are always obnoxiously hard, with endless gravel roads, countless climbs and miles enough to make amateurs feel like they've raced a Spring Classic.  For the past several years, Rapha has graciously invited the Ritte Home Team riders to take part in these events, most recently, the talented ladies of the Ritte Women's Team (plus guest riders Jammer and Lauren) loaded up their bikes and headed to San Francisco for a 123 mile, 13,000 foot team time trial.

Did they win? Actually I have no idea: it doesn't seem important. If they didn't win the race, they definitely won the Looking Awesome award. Special thanks to photographer/director Nick Kova for the great shots.