Chairlift by Spencer Canon

You may remember the story of the Lotus Esprit we restored at our facility and the prototype Ace that was painted from the same can of light blue paint. Occasionally we like to reunite these two so they can play together. When the road is steep and twisty enough, a good road bike is hard to beat, even by a race car.

Shopcar+Shopbike by Spencer Canon

Cars and bikes don't always have to have a contentious relationship. At Ritte, we appreciate the design, mechanics and art of old cars. And we've got quite an interesting collection among our friends and employees. Many of these cars inspired our bikes, both in design and color and a few we restored right there at our office as we were developing their two-wheeled counterparts.

1987 Mercedes 300TD + 2016 Ritte Crossberg Disc


It's been race support, it's taken an entire Interbike display (including bikes) to Vegas and it's been drifted in the desert. Few vehicles can match the robust versatility of a diesel wagon and an aluminum cross bike. We repainted the wagon at our office in Venice and this Crossberg was a test design for 2016 and was sprayed with paint leftover from the wagon.

1968 MG B-GT + Ritte Ace with red color test paint.


Next up, our mighty little 1968 MGB-GT. The GT was designed by famed Italian design firm Pininfarina and is one of the first examples of the modern "shooting brake" body style. This particular Ace belongs to our Sales Manager Nick and features a beautiful dark red color that didn't make it to production. A little know fact: The "Ace" name was inspired by the long-gone British Ace car company.

1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo + Prototype Ritte Ace


Both these vehicles are designed to do one thing well: go very fast kinda comfortably. We restored this Esprit at our facility in Venice and this early Ace was sprayed from the leftover paint. We spent many months sanding the Lotus and prepping the surface while we were simultaneously designing the shape of the Ace, and each definitely effected the other. The shade of light blue (Pantone 2915 + 15% black) made it onto several of our models and has become the new "official" Ritte blue, appearing on the production Ace, 8055, 1919 and Crossberg.

1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce + Bobby's Ace


This little Spider has been in the Ritte family for awhile and like the MG, was also designed by Pininfarina and like the Ace, offers about zero rollover protection.

The Poseur Sport designed "Bastard Rittes" by Spencer Canon

Alex Ostroy of PoseurSport is a unique design talent. A trained commercial illustrator and lifelong cyclist, Alex has been involved in every aspect of the sport: lending his design and marketing expertise to Industry clients and his own ventures. Alex has been a long-time friend of us here at Ritte, and we've always been big fans of his work.

One of Alex's projects is designing unique paint designs for frames and we recently unloaded a bunch of demo Bosbergs, Vlaanderens and Snobs to be used as blank canvases for his madness. Of course, Alex's imagination can't be executed by just any painter. So the notable painter James Terrani brings these things to life.

So what were once collecting dust in storage, are now the reborn as some beautiful, crazy Bastards. Bravo.

For more about PouserSport and the kits, bikes and design, check out the website.

It's not just us who are impressed with the work these guys are doing. Check out this article in the Wall Street Journal on these guys.