We are no longer taking orders on custom frames.


The Cipressa: A pivotal climb in the Spring classic Milan-Sanremo where the descent is just as important as its ascent. It must be ridden with speed, aggression and savvy, not to mention the will to drop like a madman. What we wanted to achieve with the Cipressa was a like-minded balance between poise and guts. Oh, and something that would make Italian tifosi salivate. There is a visceral reaction to a steel bike that is rooted in a different era of cycling. A time when crashes didn't mean frame replacement, when you could be as picky as you wanted with geometry, and when the measure of a good bike could be found in the buttery smoothness of its welds. We wanted to create a bike with the ride quality and handmade aesthetic of steel, but utilizing modern advancements in tube offerings and geometry.

The Cipressa is lively on climbs, rock steady on rollers and confident on descents. It will love you even after you've put on a few extra pounds in the winter. And the best part? It's comes custom just for you. Tube sets are selected based on size and use, and it can be built with any number of bottom bracket shells. Most importantly, it will look dead sexy in whatever paint scheme you decide suits you best.