We are not currently taking orders on the Muur.

Custom Envy carbon main triangle with an all-stainless steel rear-end: a crazy idea handmade in Los Angeles.

Custom Envy carbon main triangle with an all-stainless steel rear-end: a crazy idea handmade in Los Angeles.

UPDATE: We are not currently making Muur frames.


Despite it's traditional looks, the Muur is our most forward-thinking endeavor. Since launching the custom bike line in 2010, we have sought to find the perfect intersection between the traditional look and feel of a hand-built steel frame and race-ready performance. There are lots of beautiful, extremely well-made frames out there by independent builders and boutique companies, but we were determined to offer something different. We were dead-set on creating a frame that rides and performs even better than the other great steel and ti brands out there. That's quite a bold statement, but in the Muur we have created something truly unique.

Some of us grew up riding and racing steel bikes and loving the ride feel. A well-made steel frame has an amazing quality to it: it's comfortable and lively and can offer a feel that even the best carbon frames just can't quite deliver. Problem is, steel bikes just aren't a match with carbon in efficiency and power transfer. If you make a steel frame light, it gets too flexible; if you want it strong, it will be heavy. Likewise titanium is light and strong, but can feel springy and sluggish.

Stainless steel is a step beyond steel: it's much harder and more impact resistant than steel and also can feel more lively and crisp than standard steel or titanium. Stainless steel bikes are more rare because the material itself is difficult to work with. The welds aren't as uniform and the construction process is more labor intensive. We love stainless and build great all-stainless frames, but we still weren't satisfied that we'd found the perfect formula.

The answer was pretty simple actually. We added Enve Composites carbon tubes to the mix to stiffen and lighten the frame and kept the whole back end stainless steel--that way, stainless' inherently lively feel could be directed straight from the back wheel. The head tube, bottom bracket, seat and chain stays are all stainless. The seat tube is a continuous piece that passes through the top tube junction and becomes a seat mast. The fork is an all-carbon Enve 2.0.

The result is the Muur. It has the stiffness and acceleration of the Bosberg, but the lively feel of a hand-made steel frame. It's not as light as our all-carbon frame, but at 1700g, it's lighter than a comparably stiff steel frame. You can easily build a Murr that's 16 pounds, which ain't exactly heavy. (The one pictured is 15 pounds with SRAM Red, 1150g carbon clinchers and Enve bars.)

The Muur has the geometry of a well-rounded road racing bike, with 410mm chain stays and a balanced ride. It's enjoyable on long climbs, confident on descents and can carve a perfect turn with just a little counter steer. But most importantly, it is a pure, unadulterated joy to ride.

Every Muur is made one at a time by hand right here in Southern California. We start with our own geometry and then tailor it to suit your body and riding style. The Muur can come with a tapered or straight head tube, BB30 or PressFit30 bottom bracket and even disc brakes.